Latte Smart

A new way of creating latte art, using smart technologies, sound design and 3D sound tracking. Latte (sm)art has never been so simple.

A unique approach to specialized art


Making latte art easier than ever.

Latte art is a unique process of creating coffee. It is something which takes time to practice. Latte Smart opens up possibilities.


Technology x coffee...?

Latte Smart is based on the basis of a smart Milk Jug, providing data to the app, and (potentially) haptic feedback for guidance.


More than just learning.

By enhancing the community and educational side, Latte Smart can become the new platform for latte art lovers and creators.

A video with sound design, showing opportunities.

Ecosystem thinking

Latte Smart is created with an ecosystem vision in mind. Enhancing the overall user-friendliness by implementing an app vision (no extra devices needed), whilst integrating smart technology with (third-party) smart jugs. 

Sound Design vision

This project has been fully based on a Sound Design first approach, aiming at creating a concept which involved Sound Design at a high level. Multiple audio layers were created and designed for an ultimate user-experience. 

"I think music is an instrument. It can create the initial thought patterns that can change the thinking of people."

A good flow is essential (for latte art & an app)

From a personal stance

During this course I was able to further explore my passion for sound and design. The lectures were some of the best I’ve had, including great anecdotes from Bart and Berry, showcases of the students and well… just talking about music and sound for hours, what else do you want? On one hand I wanted to prove myself as a Sound Designer during this project, on the other hand I wanted to create something unique which fitted me as a person.

I personally think Latte Smart can be a promising future product. Currently there is no such thing as a ‘Smart Milk Jug’, whilst the latte art process – for many, is still very complicated. With an increasing amount of Coffee lovers and wannabe latte artists, the overall business value of this idea might be substantial enough to further investigate the business development opportunities.

This project was rewarded with a 9 incl. personal appreciation of Berry. Something I am really proud of.

A winning team

Twan Muste


Twan is an all-round creative, 3d model prototyper, videographer, prototype realizer, and an in-spe haptic feedback expert. Roles included, UIUX design, sound design, design conceptualization, ethnographic research, video creation and overall branding.

Bart Hengeveld


Bart is an assistant professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, (jazz) musician and interaction designer with a focus on music and sound. His works include a century-long research in agency-led improvisation. Bart coached this project and gave his insights regarding the overall concept and final execution.

Berry Eggen


Berry is a full professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, a full-time sound design expert and a man with many stories. Berry has worked for Philips in the early years of HCI and sound design, gaining a lot of knowledge regarding these topics. Berry coached this project and fed his expertise throughout. 

An original score, connecting music & design.