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Projects have been the central ‘outcome’ of many courses and project-span Industrial Design projects. This shows some extra projects in a summarized way.

Haptics, Design Research

Haptic Force Feedback is one of the many available interaction mediums. Haptic feedback is most effective with other sensory modalities and must be designed in combination with them. Based on the results of Anke van Oosterhout (2020) I investigated the value for a Haptic Force Feedback Design Tool for Product Design. Doing so I wanted to gain more insights regarding the needs from haptic feedback design experts and potential interest from design agencies. With these findings a business proposition for Feelix v2 was created.

During this design research multiple insights from design agencies and haptic experts were gathered and presented in the forms of a research website. Next to that a physical prototype was created to enhance the feeling of the provided force feedback of Feelix, including a modular ring system which could be switched to provide more grip or test different designs.


For Cellcius we developed a new branding and performed research regarding new business oppurtunities for them based on hypothesis-driven entrepeneurship (validation by experimentation based on the business model canvas). For Cellcius we presented insights regarding the market oppurtunities for holiday parks & living communities and we provided a new branding and product design for their company.


For StoreX I was responsible for the overall UI and UX of the platform. Since the beginning I made around 80 different iterations of the adminpanel design which resulted in the white adminpanel on the right image. Throughout this process I gained an enourmous amount of new knowledge regarding digital UI & UX design. With my partners we reviewed every design precisely and tweaked it until we were happy. Well, maybe we tweaked things too much, resulting in square eyes and long processes. In the end a digital prototype of the complete ecommerce platform was created. Since the other partners were developers I learned a lot regarding translating my visual designs into developer language. 

Next to the overall UIUX I also worked on the complete styling and branding of the brand StoreX. Including 240+ hand-made file-size-optimized vector icons, the website, content creation, marketing plans and several other design, marketing and business related internal projects.


For Ambify we developed a complete system design to enhance the connectivity within startup hubs. One of the strengths to become a successful startup is, connecting. From several interviews in Startup hub Alpha we learned that the startups within that hub did not connect much. Based on this problem/improve-statement we created the system design Ambify. Ambify is a system consisting of multi projector and multi detection points. Doing so Ambify is able to track the person(s) within a room and project augmented reality interactive elements on the floor. By enabling these augmented reality visuals, persons can be enhanced to connect by gamification.


Reconnect was my Final Bachelor Project. During this project I was challenged to iterate, create and present a full design project by myself. My goal for this project was to use my skills, whilst at the same time develop new skills. For this project my focus was on remote families; i.e. living in the Philippines and living in the Netherlands. Doing so I created a value proposition for this problem and created a prototype and full concept around that. During the iteration stages I used a lot of 3D modelling and designing within the virtual environment. In later stages I started to create real prototypes. For this project I bought a Prusa 3D printer and learned the fine art of creating 3D printed prototypes. For this project I received an 8.

And some more projects...