Sound Seeker is the low-barrier music production app for novice and beginner music creators and producers. Using smart systems, intuitive design to help them with their first steps in music production. 

A new approach to music making


Low-barrier music creation

No need for music theory or any music production knowledge. Just open the app, use a seed and create music on the go.


Intuitive digital design

The app has been designed for novice and beginner music creators. Focusing on their intuition rather than knowledge.


Complexity or simplicity?

6 producers have been interviewed to validate the customer. Using their problem statements for the creation of the ultimate tool.

Just a video explaining the core idea

Reducing the learning curve

One of the big issues with producing music is the learning curve (as concluded from customer validation interviews), novice producers have to gain knowledge, learn about the essentials and most importantly ‘train their ears’. Sound Seeker provides a first-step in training these ears and to gain initial knowledge and interest in music production.

From haptics to ...?

What started with a haptic focused project turned out to become a full-digital design focus. With the rise of new smart AI technologies, and the overall accessibility, upgradeability and coverage of mobile apps, there was chosen to go for a digital-first approach during this project.

The AIM Ecosystem

Sound Seeker has been developed around an ecosystem of AI for music systems, including Layer AI, Algorithm AI and Synth AI. These generative systems are essential for an intuitive user experience and to generate music without any prior knowledge. co-creation between user and AI.

The can't show everything yet app

From a personal stance

Sound Seeker was the ‘kers op de taart’ as we say in Dutch. It was the closing project of 5-year long journey at the Industrial Design Department. In the beginning of my studies I’ve always said to create a wonderful physical product (prototype) for my Final Master Project but it has led me in several other ways. In the end I created a low-barrier music production app, validated by the problems of customers and investigated from the overall business value. Sound Seeker has already brought a lot to me. I got in touch with The Gate, with producers and was able to create new connections during Demo Day.

Sound Seeker showed the opportunities of Music and AI, the integration of smart systems to incorporate an intuitive design. Not just to help the user but to create a new standard for low-barrier music production. Sound Seeker has been built from a modularity, high-quality, longevity and user-centric approach, allowing for a ‘communicator’ for further business and value investigation.

In the end, I hope Sound Seeker will become a success story, whether this is on personal success (networking, showcasing), on business success (launching the company) or on validating success (showing the possibilities). I would love to partner with other companies to develop Sound Seeker and bring my vision – and those of others – alive.

A winning team

Twan Muste


Twan is an all-round creative, 3d model prototyper, videographer, prototype realizer, and an in-spe haptic feedback expert. Roles included, UIUX design, sound design, design conceptualization, ethnographic research, video creation and overall branding.

Stephan Wensveen


Stephan Wensveen is full professor of Constructive Design Research in Smart Products, Services and Systems. He is the main expert when it comes to Aesthetics of Interaction and his new field; Aesthetics of Intelligence. Stephan has coached me throughout my Master’s and played an important role during this project as coach, mentor and expert. His feedback regarding the main concept and overall execution has helped to maintain the overall product value.

Bart van Grevenhof


Bart is a Business Developer Student Entrepeneurship at The Gate, a partner company of the TUe and Brainport to help student startups start-up. Bart has helped during this project by providing his honest feedback regarding the business development part of Sound Seeker and making new connections.We discussed customer validation, business development methods and most importantly; what do we want to achieve with Sound Seeker?

From demo concept to design